A Day In The Life Of A Data Scientist

Oh my god Wait Do Part Oh, yeah Oh Like I child my Okay See Okay, all right, I hope you enjoyed this video so I mean, let’s take a break once I’m gonna drink oh It’s a coca-cola. Yeah. Sure. Do you want a glass? Let’s go get a glass. All right one This vehicle is sponsored by brilliant dot org, I did not expect that Anyways, I will continue the video after this message By the way, this video was sponsored by brilliant org which is kind of cool because I actually used trillion org when I was applying to my Untitled large company since the company gave me links to help me prepare for my interview and one of the links that they gave me Is a bunch of combinatorics questions aka probability questions on brilliant org It really helped me on the math part of the interview because I was killing the probability questions I actually find it really fun to crank out these questions It makes me feel good about myself and keeps me sharp, and they’re good brain teasers for interviews Especially for data science or quantity very good supplement to my interview preps so highly recommended Also, if you’re in school, you can supplement your learning by using this website because there’s a wide variety of topics which is pre-built because I love the UI on the website and it makes studying so much more fun with their quizzes if You’re interested. There’s a link in the description down below. Best of all you can get 20% off their premium subscription So you too, you can kill it at the interview for the large and type of company Alright, thanks for watching this video If you liked it, don’t forget to Like and subscribe and I also want to shout out to Jared Thank you for supporting this channel and we got one question from honey. What do you do during weekends? well I do a lot of stuff I film and then I edit my video sometimes I Matt Cho I’d like to try any restaurants I like to go to the gym. That’s pretty fun I do a little bit of rock climbing and then if it’s during the winter, I go snowboarding. So yeah, that’s pretty much it thanks for watching and