Baccalaureates Social Sciences – Alexander’s experience

I wanted to apply my theoretical subject
knowledge that I’d done so far in school up to that point and apply it
to something where it’s very much doing a project rather than just learning
about something, or writing about it in the final exam. Something that gets you out
doing a project in in the community so that was really liberating for me to be
able to apply my knowledge in a real productive way as if one
would in the real world. My projects have centered around the production of a set
of maps showing different factors of inequality within Dundee city, so
things from education health, crime and displaying these on
the maps with colour coordinated through the council wards so you could have a
nice easily sort of interpreted visual resource that could be used in schools,
by the council and by the community. Six months of the project I suppose was
focused on the data gathering. So the first step was to create the maps
themselves and that involved statistics collection from the Scottish Government,
NHS Scotland, Tayside Police and then used them to create the maps and once
I’ve made them I took these and made them the basis of interviews with
politicians, academics and residents of Dundee because I wanted the residents
and the community to have an input in the project because it was after all
about their city. Throughout the project I’ve gained a great deal of experience
and skills that will take further and later life into employment and
university the specialist of autonomy is really good to be able to have to pursue
your own subject and take the initiative to follow your own lead on on the topic.
Interpersonal and communication skills also been greatly improved as of my
research skills until in terms of interviewing and looking for statistics,
and also I think it’s given me the whole project itself and i think from any
project you’ll do this i will give you a more rounded perspective on life in
general which has really helped me develop as a
person and I’ve certainly learned a lot and gained a lot of life skills from the