Dr  Jonathan Fisher, Social Sciences, Scopus Young Research UK Award 2015

Dr Jonathan Fisher, Social Sciences, Scopus Young Research UK Award 2015

there are lots of different ways of
understanding africa is 53 or 52 you states or countries some people would
say it kind of Western obstruction some people would say it’s a good idea
graphical descriptor but I think one of the things that I’m quite clear that
there are many different Africa’s and it depends on your perspective I’m Jonathan
Fisher senior lecturer in politics here in the International Development
Department University Birmingham AL West regions in Africa but I was originally
quite dissatisfied with the way in which I heard was presented by political
scientists looking international relations they would either ignore
Africa where they would suggest that it’s weak and dependent and kind of
passive index we can get from the international system but my PhD research
and since then it’s been kind of concerned with challenging assumptions
and looking at how in fact Africa does agency in its relationships with western
donors in particular particularly in the kind of securities listed looking at the
Global War on Terror counterterrorism that sort of thing and managing how
western states few African allies in the Global War on Terror for
example forest Kiki kind of providers of security at the regional level in
peacekeeping similar types of operation described
this young researcher the UK would be a really kind of important and influential progress my career and get his
credibility to research I really do